Digital Historic Garden Literature

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compiled by Clemens Alexander Wimmer
copyright protection by § 87a UrhG.

Status 2014-04-12


Several institutions around the world digitise historic garden literature and make it available via the internet free of charge which is advantageous to both garden scholars and enthusiasts. Easy as it may be to locate a publication via the internet it is still difficult to get an overview. Books related to garden topics represent a small fraction only of the worldwide wealth of literature. As yet no web portal allows for a topic or language related search. Surprisingly, many digitised books are not listed according to standard. This collection of links for digitised garden literature includes full view garden literature only with some exceptions from botany, architecture, literature, and sylviculture, all scanned from the orginal. OCR texts are excluded.

This collection is open for improvement and additions. Digital historic garden literature is offered by:

The web sites of the following institutions occasionally include garden related literature:

Bibliographie / Bibliography
Dendrologie / Arboriculture
Friedhöfe / Cemeteries
Gartenbau / Horticulture
Gartengebäude / Garden Buildings
Gartengeschichte / Garden History
Gartengestaltung / Garden Design
Gartentopographien / Garden Topographs
Gartentechnik / Garden Technics
Gewächshauskultur / Greenhouses
Hausvaterbücher, Landwirtschaft / Husbandry, Agriculture
Kräuterbücher / Herbals
Landschaftsverschönerung / Landscape Embellishment
Obstbau / Pomology
Pflanzenbücher / Plant books
Pomologie / Fruit Cultivars
Zierpflanzenbau / Ornamental Gardening
Zitruskultur / Citrus culture

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